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Red Hen Baking Peanut Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

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A delicious blend of chocolate and peanut in an energy-boosting, quick and easy snack.

Sugar*, rolled oats*, honey***, sunflower seeds*, peanut butter*, 45% chocolate chips*, peanuts*, sesame seeds*, water, flaxmeal*, vanilla extract, salt, molasses*. *organic**local organic***local

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Red Hen Baking, Middlesex, VT

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March 27, 2020 by

This was merely okay. Very dense. The flavor was warm, but lacked great character aside from when biting into a chocolate chip. And the chocolate chips were relatively few and far between. The bar, itself, perhaps 2.5" square and there were only maybe six or so chips in my bar. My wife and I both split the bar. We both agreed that when we bit into a chocolate chip, that flavor combined with the warm, predominantly oat-y flavor of the bar was a really nice combination. But with much of the bar without chips, more often than not, we were just tasting oats and seeds (and the hint of vanilla). The peanut flavor is not strong either (nor was the texture all that nutty).

I'm sure that, with the numerous seeds in the bar, that it's pretty good for you. But at $4(!) for a 2.5" square bar (and about 1/4" deep), while densely packed, this is really not a good value. So to Red Hen (and I love your breads), add more chocolate chips, add more larger nut pieces, and halve the cost to $2 (or, increase the depth to 1/2" and charge $3) and I'd probably give this 4-5 carrots.

Consider this: Kashi makes a pretty good granola bar that goes for $3.50 for a box of 6. Non-GMO ingredients. Not certified organic, but they're bars with oats, flax, nuts, seeds, etc. Trader Joe's has some good bars as well.

For here, personally if you're going to charge $4 per small bar, it has to be astonishingly amazing in texture and flavor. This one is okay, not significantly better than others I have had in terms of flavor, and so the price just doesn't justify itself. I love to support the purveyors in this consortium, but we're buyers with modest means, so we have to pick and choose what we order.