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Continued Growth

In this week’s post, we want to share a few resources that have been valuable to us. We hope you take them in, share them with your community, and talk about the questions and ideas that come up for you.

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Don’t leave it all till the day before! Give yourself a head start and get what you can this week. Everything on this list can be added to your order this week and will stay fresh until Thanksgiving!

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Holiday Inspiration

We are lucky to live in a place where fresh cranberries grow in abundance! These late fall gems give a tart contrast to a savory Thanksgiving plate and offer beautiful ambiance to a Thanksgiving table. Here are a few ways to use them!

Decor Ideas

A Helping of Holiday Recipes

Turkey tends to get all of the attention when it comes to a Thanksgiving meal, but we believe the magic is in the side dishes. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Mushroom and Sage Farro with Honeynut Squash

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Freshly made Vermont Cranberry Sauce

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Fall Bitters Salad with Quince Vinaigrette

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Don't forget to share your recipes and photos with us! We love to see what you're making with your farm fresh ingredients each week. Share your recipes to info@farmerstoyou.com or add your photos to social media and tag us!