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A note on ACH

June 17, 2022
by Greg Georgaklis

Dear Families and Friends,

One of our core values is to recirculate the dollars you pay for food back to our local economy. You may not know that between 50-60 percent of your food cost is paid directly back to the farmers every week—that's nearly three times what supermarkets pay their suppliers. However, one of our other major expenses has been to the credit card companies for the fees they charge us each year (hundreds of thousands of dollars!). But we now we have a feature that can help you help us: paying for your weekly order directly from your bank account, rather than going through a credit card company. We have been paying the credit card companies nearly 3% of every dollar you spend, but with a direct payment from your bank account that percentage drops to 0.75%. The difference is huge, and allows us to save that fee and put those dollars back to work in our local economy.

Please consider changing your payment method on your account to choose ACH, so we can continue to fulfill our mission and keep your dollars local.

Thank you for your continued partnership in building a strong and resilient local food system.


Greg Georgaklis