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Working Bridges Partnership Takes Root

May 27, 2022
by The Team at Farmers To You

On April 27th, Farmers To You launched a pilot food access initiative with partnership and funding from Green Mountain United Way (GMUW), Central Vermont Medical Center, and the Vermont Foodbank. For 12 weeks, 12 participants from GMUW’s Working Bridges program receive 80% off their orders with Farmers To You.

Since this program launched, GMUW has generously shared stories and moments from their Wednesday pickups. They've reported participants comparing overflowing grocery bags and sharing recipe ideas. They've also passed along the following feedback from three participants, which we think says it all:

"This program is great! With grocery store prices rising almost daily it seems, Farmers To You provides fresh, healthy food in a wide variety. As seniors on social security incomes, we really appreciate this!"

"With the price of gas and food so high, the only thing I do is go to work, eat cheap, and hope things get better. This program has offered relief and also some amazing food. So thankful."

"I joined Farmers To You thinking it would be fun to learn about new farms and their products. While it's been fun trying new recipes posted on the website and each week ordering something new to try, it has turned into so much more than just fun for me. This has been a phenomenal benefit that has allowed me to cut down my grocery budget and reallocate some funds. I have also been able to use this to benefit my health directly! I recently learned I am severely anemic and I have been able to purchase high-quality foods- (scallops, high-quality meats, dark leafy greens) that are iron-rich at a very affordable price! Thank you Farmers To You!"

These stories remind us that we can't do this work alone. We are immensely grateful for our partners who have helped fund and coordinate this program, and hope that this is only the beginning of more transformative food access work to come.