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Placing Meat in a Supporting Role

April 23, 2015
by Cornelia Hoskin

This past week, some of the staff were reflecting on our busy lives, managing a household, working, child-raising and food buying. We’re not telling anyone anything new by saying that it’s incredibly challenging to feed our families well every day. Feeding family members with food allergies, dietary restrictions, picky tastes while staying within a budget can feel downright impossible. How does one do it? More than one of us confessed that we’re buying meat through Farmers To You, but that it really stretches our budget.

High quality, humanely- and healthily-raised meat costs more, yes. It also is more flavorful, more satisfying, and a little goes a long way. Shifting our thinking — and meal-planning — from placing meat at the center of the plate, to thinking of meat as an ingredient has us excited.

Some internet research has revealed some terrific resources, shared below, and on a Pinterest board called “Almost meatless: Meat as a condiment.”

Please share your thoughts and recipes — we need them!!

Fine Cooking: “10 Ways to Eat Less Meat

Serious Eats: “Resolution: Eat Less Meat

The Kitchn: “When Meat Isn’t The Main Attraction

Joan, a very wise woman in our community — and in the Farmers to You office — had this to say:

I have been working with the idea of meat as a condiment for some time now and it’s really helpful. Our family buys fairly expensive meats, but we use small amounts at each meal. A little bit goes a long way! I don’t claim to have this completely figured out… it’s a work in progress, for sure.

I first learned about this idea from Lisa Mase. Her website is here.

We’re all trying to figure this out, one meal at a time. What tips about “meat lite” dishes can you share?