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Roasted Roots

April 4, 2013
by Shannon Hepburn

Simple to prepare. Delicious to eat.  Roasted roots work for any meal of the day.  They are great paired with eggs & sausage for breakfast.  Scatter a large spoonful on a salad for lunch.  Make a rice and roasted veggie bowl for dinner.  I will often make a large pan (or two) of roots and use them throughout the week. Sometimes I reheat them, sometimes not.  Because of their versatility they are great to have on hand for quick meals. Pictured above is a mix of beets, carrots, potatoes and shallots, that’s what I had.  This is barely a recipe ~


Choose your favorites:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Chop vegetables of choice into large bite size pieces.  Toss with olive oil (or melted butter – or a combo.) until liberally coated but not swimming.  Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.  You may also sprinkle on any favorite dried herbs.  I like rosemary and thyme for roasted vegetables. Transfer veg to a roasting pan and make sure there is a bit of space between the pieces otherwise they will steam rather than roast.  You may find it helps to use two pans depending on how many vegetable you choose to cook.  Roast until nicely browned and tender, about 50 minutes.  Some people like to toss the vegetables as they cook, I don’t bother.  I like the super dark bottoms.



  • serve as is
  • stir into scrambled eggs
  • make a tempeh and roots hash
  • toss with crisped bacon bits
  • fold into an omelet
  • top with grated cheese and run under broiler for a minute or two
  • make a frittata
  • mix together with some browned & crumbled breakfast sausage


  • serve as is
  • throw into a green salad
  • throw into a grain salad
  • make veggie tacos
  • whiz in a blender with some vegetable(or chicken) stock to make a quick soup
  • toss with any cooked pasta shape
  • use in a stir fry
  • fill a pita with hummus & roots
  • make a roasted root pizza