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Soup for Dinner

October 19, 2012
by Shannon Hepburn

Potato Cabbage Soup

Tee hee. Last week we had SOUP FOR BREAKFAST – at least I did.  I would be curious to know if anyone out there actually had soup for breakfast last week?  This post could also be SOUP FOR LUNCH,  SOUP FOR SNACK, SOUP FOR DESSERT – you get it,  it’s all good.

This first soup is super fast & simple and can be made vegan/vegetarian if you use veg stock and omit the cheese.

Silky Cauliflower Soup

This next recipe is more labor intensive than the first and the result is more stew-like than soupy.  A delicious vegan option would be to sub the yogurt/cream combo with full fat coconut milk.

Winter Vegetable and Tofu Korma

Next up:

Bacon and Cabbage Soup