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Meal Planning

August 3, 2012
by Shannon Hepburn


Truthfully, I’m not so good at it. Numerous attempts have inevitably failed, despite my wholehearted belief in it’s virtues (less $$ spent, more time gained, less waste, more healthful meals, etc…) BUT! Recently I’ve come across Jenny Rosenstrach’s blog “Dinner: A Love Story,” along with her newly published cookbook of the same title.  Her main intent is to help parents figure out how to get family dinner on the table – with an emphasis on family.  This was my experience as a kid.  Both of my parents worked, both of my parents cooked (exceedingly well) and dinner was shared at the table every night at 6:00. That’s not to say every meal was a gastronomic sensation.  Remember Steak-umms?  Yeah, we ate those.


My husband and I already made the commitment to have family dinner every night with our son – and we do. However, I don’t always know what’s going to end up on the table.  So my plan is to grab a page out of Jenny’s blog/book and start a DINNER DIARY.  She has miraculously recorded all of her family dinners since 1998. This strikes me as a very clever and doable way of meal planning in reverse – just jot down what you eat and eventually you end up with a catalog of meals to choose from.


I highly encourage you to check out Dinner: A Love Story.  This fabulous blog is artfully constructed with lovely photos and an extensive and varied recipe index.  Because she is a writer and her husband an editor, she also has numerous suggestions for great kid lit.  Not just a destination for families, but rather a supremely fun blog for anyone to explore!