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Leftovers For Lunch

May 11, 2012
by Shannon Hepburn

Packing lunches, an everyday chore for many of us. Ideally, morning lunch prep should be quick & efficient. It’s pretty exciting when I find myself with good leftovers that make for easy packing. Speaking frugally, homemade lunches are a super way to save extra $$$.

  • Slow Roasted Herb Turkey Breast
  • Meatloaf



**Roasted turkey on whole wheat Red Hen bread, spread with apple butter and sliced Vermont cheddar cheese.  Wouldn’t hurt to add some greens too!

** A slice of cold meatloaf on Red Hen bread spread with mustard, mayo and arugula.

**  Raspberry jam & cream cheese on Pain au Levain.

** BBQ tempeh wrap with cabbage carrot slaw.

**Ramp pesto and chevre wrap with mesclun.


**A side of pickle spears to go with your sandwich.

**Dried apple slices & cubes of cheddar.

**A  little container of shoots – eat ’em straight up.

**Make your own fruit on the bottom yogurt with strawberry jam in a ball glass container & sprinkle with granola.

**Pack a sweet nibble of chocolate or the whole bar!