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May 4, 2012
by Shannon Hepburn

PestoThe rainy spring months give birth to the first basil plants and fresh, homemade basil.  Basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan comprise the classic combination.  However,  if you start playing around with various spring greens, nuts and cheeses (or no cheese at all), you can create some fantastic homemade pestos.

  • Basil and Sprouted Almond Pesto
  • Spinach Walnut Pesto
  • Arugula Pistachio Pesto
  • Scallion Pesto
  • Wild Ramp Pesto
  • Ricotta Pesto



1.  Spread on a pizza crust in lieu of red sauce.

2.  Serve with grilled fish or shrimp.

3.  Smear on toast for a simple breakfast. Or make it a “toasted cheese” by topping the pesto toast with your favorite cheese & running under the broiler.

4.  Mix into scrambled eggs.

5.  Stir a spoonful or two into soup.

6.  Whisk into salad dressing.

7.  Make pesto potato salad instead of pasta salad.

8.  Serve as a sauce for roasted chicken pieces or sliced turkey breast.

9.  Use as a sandwich spread rather than mustard or mayo.

10.  Toss with steamed or roasted vegetables.

  ok, one more…

11. Make a dip by blending equal portions pesto, yogurt and goat cheese with a squeeze of lemon.

 ***you can freeze any leftover pesto***