Greg with cow

Eating Responsibly: The Question of Beef

September 27, 2021
by Greg Georgaklis

Cows are not the problem. How they are raised in the industrial food system is the problem. Beef can be healthy for you and the planet if the animals' nature and innate needs are attended to.

Removing cattle and cows from pasture results in sick animals. Grasses and bovines coevolved to support and nourish each other; raising cattle on grain is akin to taking fish out of water and expecting them to thrive. 

Beef raised at CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) are given hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive, and tons of grain to fatten them up quickly. Given the lack of care and inhumane conditions, it is a race to get them to slaughter before they die from disease or complications from a diet of pure grain. Bovines are not equipped physiologically for this diet. 

Working with the natural systems that nature has provided us, grassfed beef has the ability to heal us and the planet.

Proper cattle farming sequesters massive amounts of carbon, produces very healthy food, brings rich fertility back to our soils, and honors the animals’ purpose and potential. 

Our two beef farms are amazingly skilled at raising grassfed beef. We have chosen them for you because they check off all the right boxes. 

  • They raise an excellent breed of cattle, the Red Devon, which came to us from England on the Mayflower and thrive on a 100% grass diet.
  • They are skilled grass farmers who concentrate on the health of their soils and pasture so their cattle get all the rich nutrition they need through grazing.
  • They care deeply about the health and wellbeing of their animals.

The end result is beef that has a deep and richly complex flavor—more reminiscent of a fine wine. It unfolds and blossoms with every bite. And as you have heard me say so many times, flavor is a reliable marker for nutrition. This beef is very good for you, with all the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that your body needs for deep nutrition and healing.

Of course, if you have chosen to eliminate meat from your diet and that works well for you, please carry on! We support each of our partner families in identifying the diet right for them.

But if you have been swayed by all the oversimplified sound bites that beef is bad by definition, then please reconsider. We cannot heal the planet without the gifts of our domesticated animals and their skilled stewards. We are meant to work in harmony and partnership with you and these animals to create a paradise on earth of health, fertility and abundance.

Thank you for your partnership!