Fresh This Week: November 12

Parsnips, Pies, Raw Honeycomb, Cellars’ Chef Shred and Fresh Pork

10:10 fall kitchen

Simple and Delicious Pairings

PARSNIP APPLE GOAT CHEESE TART The parsnips are finally ready to come out of the ground, and we are more than ready for them! They pair deliciously with apples, and while often in a soup or a tray of roasted veggies, this tart is a fun and savory way to mix it up.

SWEET POTATO CHILI Chili is the best because it is so versatile and can be made vegetarian friendly or with your favorite ground meat. Better yet, it is always just as good (if not better) the next day, so make a big pot to enjoy for days to come.

Budget Bundles

GRASSFED BEEF TACOS Grassfed ground beef (from G&T Farm as well as Tilldale Farm) is on sale, so do yourself a favor and have a taco night! Grab some All Souls tortillas and whatever toppings you crave, and let everyone step right up to the taco bar.

Have you tried… 

Prophecy Chocolates These chocolates from Prophecy Chocolate truly deserve the description, “melt in your mouth.” Dairy free and with no processed sugar, they are truly guilt free chocolates, made from very consciously sourced cacao. After living and working in Peru for years, founder Mateo began sourcing heirloom cacao directly from the small farms he knows. This traditional variety called Chuncho produces premium cacao beans with high fat content, excellent aromas and balanced flavors. He then adds one or two simple ingredients to create beautiful combinations; as of now, we are carrying Coconut Mylk, Blue Lotus and Classic Maple.

New & Noteworthy


Don’t leave all your Thanksgiving shopping until the end. We have gluten free stuffing mix from Vermont Gluten Free ready to go for you to incorporate into your favorite recipe.

We also have a new flavor of pierogi from VT Pierogi. The new pumpkin peirogi features heirloom pumpkin grown at Birdhous (where VT Pierogi is based), making this truly a homegrown and handmade Vermont pierogi. 


We have a new product from Bees Wrap just in time for the season of leftovers and gift giving!  The multi print medium wraps offer three kinds of fun prints so that you can store your leftovers or send them home with friends in re-usable style.

Ariel’s Honey Infusions is bringing us raw Vermont honeycomb- straight from the hive of untreated bees. Honeycomb is the most raw form of honey; it is a gorgeous addition to a cheese platter and delicious drizzled on biscuits.


Strafford Organic Creamery has some delicious new offerings this week. We now have a limited stock of their organic eggnog through the holiday season, and we are also debuting a new flavor of red raspberry ice cream from them!

We just received some fresh goat milk gelato from Sweet Doe Dairy and will be adding their Chai flavor to the lineup.

Cellars at Jasper Hill is transitioning their melting blend into a smaller 8 oz portion called Chef Shred. It is the same delicious blend of shredded alpine and cheddar cheeses, just with a new look.


We now have just what your tray of roasted roots has been missing… Parsnips from Foote Brook Farm! This quintessential root vegetable will diversify and sweeten your mashes, soups and roasts (also see our parsnip apple goat cheese tart meal suggestion for this week).

Champlain Orchards has freshly harvested Cortland, Macintosh, Pink Lady and Northern Spy Apples this week. They also still have Asian and European pears which can add lightness and versatility to your Thanksgiving dishes. And lastly, they are now offering more types of pies so that you can buy ahead: nine inch pumpkin pie, double crust apple pie and oat crumble apple pie as well as their six inch mini double crust apple pie.


Snug Valley Farm is bringing us fresh pork this week. We have lots of ribs, chops, roasts and more. 

And Red’s Best Seafood will have fresh caught whitefish filet, flounder filet and whole smelts.

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