Fresh This Week: July 9

Hot Pepper Honey Infusion, Black Bean Burgers, Basil Pesto, Black Sea Bass, and Summer Squash

7:9 scallions

Simple and Delicious Pairings

  • LETTUCE WRAPS Fill lettuce leaves with a mixture of cooked ground beef, turkey, pork or tempeh along with finely chopped carrots, scallions, and toasted almonds tossed in a dressing of miso, honey, apple cider vinegar and butternut squash seed oil. Top each wrap with fresh cilantro, kimchi and pepitas and serve open faced or rolled.

  • HONEY GARLIC PORK CHOPS Sear, simmer and broil pork chops in a glaze of garlic, chicken broth, apple cider vinegar, and honey (or try the hot pepper honey infusion for an added kick). Garnish with fresh parsley and serve with a kohlrabi and beet slaw.

Budget Bundles

GRILLED CORN CAKES Prepare an easy, satisfying dinner starting with corn cakes made with cornmeal and all-purpose flour. There are infinite ways to accompany these—try them with some stewed Jacob Cattle beans and braised greens or topped with Queso Fresco, cilantro and chopped tomato.

Have you tried… 

JALAPENO MEAT STICKS These meat sticks serve as the perfect on the go snack and can also be used at home as a quick pizza topping, with a flavor similar to pepperoni. They are made with pasture raised, GMO free pork from Singing Pastures Farm, where they are serious about regenerative agriculture, heritage breed pork and traditional methods of smoking and curing meat.

New & Noteworthy


Barn First Creamery is offering their Brieba and Valdes Blue goat cheeses this week. Blue cheese is a rarity in the goat cheese world, and Barn First does it oh so well!


Red’s Best Seafood is back this week with fresh whitefish filet, sea scallops and black sea bass.

We have fresh pork coming in from Snug Valley Farm. Loin chops, ribs and more will be available.

Tamarack VT Sheep Farm is bringing us yearling lamb again. Yearling Lamb offers a flavor that is richer than lamb but not as strong as mutton and is quite popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.


‘Tis the season for basil pesto fresh from Red Wagon Plants. Bright and herbaceous-- it is the best condiment of the summer!

We are excited to bring on black bean burgers from Vermont Bean Crafters. These are hearty and flavorful, packed with black beans, kale, carrots, sunflower seeds and buckwheat.


Fresh This Week...

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