Fresh This Week: July 16

Yearling Lamb & Beef Kebobs, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Sunshine Sauerkraut, Organic Popcorn, and Fresh Herbs

7:16 zucchini

Simple and Delicious Pairings

  • KEBOBS Grab some kebob skewers and fire up the grill! For quick and easy preparation, we offer yearling lamb kebobs, beef kebobs and tofu to accompany zucchini, squash, cherry tomatoes, yellow onions and mushrooms. Marinate in maple balsamic vinegar, Tuscan herb salt rub, and chopped fresh oregano before assembling and grilling or oven roasting.

  • PESTO LINGUINE WITH SCALLOPS Toss some garlic scapes linguine with basil pesto, baby spinach and roasted fennel, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. Top with pan seared scallops, fresh herbs and crumbled feta cheese.

Budget Bundles

TEMPEH REUBEN The organic tempeh from Rhapsody Natural Foods is so delicious that we dare all meat eaters to give it a try! Made in small batches in Cabot, VT, this tempeh is thick and holds up quite well when cooked. It absorbs flavor marvelously and while it is often stir fried with Asian spices, we suggest you try it out as a reuben. Make your own bread with rye flour; marinate the tempeh in balsamic vinegar before pan frying it in butternut squash seed oil and assemble your sandwich with sunshine sauerkraut, sliced cucumbers and a sheep skyr and dill sauce.

Have you tried… 

ORGANIC POPCORN This popcorn from just over the border at Tullochgorum Farm in Quebec is exceptional! It pops up evenly and completely so that you get to enjoy just about every kernel. With a light nutty flavor, it is delicious with just a bit of salt but can also be jazzed up with coconut oil or butter and herbs or made into a sweet treat tossed with some maple syrup. Snack food that you can feel good about from an organic family farm!

New & Noteworthy


A fresh Maine Grains order has arrived to help restock your pantry! Maine Grains has had to raise their prices modestly so that they are able to continue to do what they do best: re-localizing grain production and milling in support of the health and livelihood of the farmers and communities they serve. Their traditional stone milling process ensures nutrient packed products that are full of flavor and perfect for natural fermentation baking and cooking. From flours to cereals, these staples will ensure you always have hearty regional grains to round out your meal: Pearled Black Barley, Buckwheat Flour, Polenta, Spelt Flour, Ancient Grains Cereal, Cracked Oats, Pearled Farro, Red Fife Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and Oat Groats are all back!


G&T Farm is bringing us fresh grassfed beef this week, so we have plenty of ground beef to supply all your burger needs along with steaks, ribs, kebobs and more.

Fresh from the sea we have calamari rings & tentacles, sea scallops and whitefish filet from Red’s Best Seafood.


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