Fresh This Week: April 30

Mushroom Medley, Dry Cured Salami, Quince Paste, Curry Pierogi, Grassfed Beef and Pork

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Simple and Delicious Pairings

  • One-dish, brunch-ready frittata starring chestnut mushroomsspinach, and feta.
  • Pizza night with pizzaz pizza crustarugula pistachio pesto and sliced tomatoes topped with melting cheese blend and served with a fresh green salad.

Budget Bundles

Pearled black barley from Maine Grains is nutty in flavor and slightly chewy in texture, a perfect companion to succulent braised short ribs; tossed with roasted beets, feta, cilantro and lemon; or, stirred into a creamy variation of risotto with grated savage cheese and sauteed oyster mushrooms. A little goes a long way, and it boasts a nomination for finalist in the 2021 Good Food Awards!

Have you tried… 

Dry cured salami from Singing Pastures Farm is made with pastured pork, carefully seasoned and cured to perfection. Enjoy as an appetizer, add to your lunch box, or slice and add to a frittata or fresh pasta. We are featuring all three varieties at 10% off this week: Fennel, Chorizo and Red Wine & Garlic.

New & Noteworthy


  • French Lentil Soup makes dinner easy! All you need is a baguette and some fresh salad greens and dinner is served. 
  • VT Pierogi has a new Curry Pierogi for us to try! These potato dumplings are a simple and delicious combo. Boil and pan fry, or bake until crispy in the oven. 

Meat & Fish

  • We updated the size ranges for the whole chickens from Misty Knoll Farm so they will be more accurate. All whole chickens have been removed from your weekly order due to this change, but we have plenty available, so please be sure to add this staple back to your order. 
  • Grill up some grassfed beef burgers or steaks. Full flavored, this fresh beef shines with a simple marinade or a dash of salt and pepper.
  • Snug Valley Farm’s pork chops are tender and juicy whether seared in a skillet, roasted in the oven or grilled.

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