Fresh This Week: July 30

Grassfed Ground Beef, Chive Blossom Vinegar, Summer Squash, Romaine Lettuce, and Smoked Kielbasa Sausage

7:30 salad

Simple and Delicious Pairings

SUMMER CAESAR SALAD Crisp romaine lettuce shines in this simple and satisfying meal: coat the lettuce in a dressing made from quince mustard, garlic, chive blossom vinegar and tarragon herb salt (use your own lemon juice, olive oil & Worcestershire sauce from home). Add croutons made a day ahead using a toasted plain baguette; grate some organic Savage cheese; and top it off with some buttermilk fried chicken, baked tofu or grilled salmon to elevate your salad to a meal.

CHILLED RAMEN NOODLE BOWL Dress cooked fresh ramen noodles in an easy, creamy sauce made with blended cashews, butternut squash seed oil, apple cider vinegar, thai basil and kimchi paste, and combine with a raw gently massaged salad of summer squash, scallions, napa cabbage and cucumber. Let the dish refrigerate for a few hours before you layer on some grilled chicken or tofu and serve.

Budget Bundles

TACO SALAD We are currently featuring ground beef which brings the flavor to this meal and can be complemented with all your favorite toppings in a taco salad. Use romaine lettuce (or a flour tortilla baked in an oven proof bowl to crisp it up into a tortilla shell) as a base, and then from there add your favorite toppings. We suggest browning the ground beef (or use cooked black beans) with some garlic, red onion and oregano; top that with melting cheese blend or queso fresco; use a homemade salsa with fresh tomatoes; and add chopped fresh jalapenos, a dollop of plain yogurt and some tortilla chips for scooping!

Have you tried… 

FARMER’S CHEESE The farmers cheese from Sweet Rowen Farmstead is offered in two different flavors (VT Herb and Garlicky Tomato) and may become your new favorite spreadable treat! Similar to a cream cheese, it is equally delicious on bagels and crackers and can be a creative and light addition to summertime dips and creamy salads.


We are featuring the Melting Cheese Blend from Cellars at Jasper Hill this week. A delicious blend of cheddar and alpine cheeses made to melt perfectly for all your needs from pizza to throwing on top of a bowl of chili.


Back by popular demand, Red Wagon Plant’s Summer Herb Salt & Chive Blossom Vinegar are back in stock to add a splash of summer to all of your meals.

We also have Quince Paste back from Vermont Quince Company. It is the perfect addition to a cheese plate and pairs beautifully with Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese. 


Time to get your jars out! We have organic pickling cucumbers this week from Foote Brook Farm and organic Napa cabbage from Pete’s Greens.

We also have the first organic (cured) garlic of the season from Dog River Farm.

Pepper season is approaching, and to kick it off, we have organic jalapeno peppers, also from Dog River Farm.

We are also starting to have organic sweet corn available from River Berry Farm and Dog River Farm, along with organic green beans from Foote Brook Farm and Dog River.


Red’s Best Seafood has Halibut Filet this week in addition to whitefish filet and sea scallops.

We have a fresh batch of Red Wine & Garlic Salami from Singing Pastures Farm in the house.

Smoked kielbasa sausage and smoked chorizo sausage are back from Snug Valley Farm in addition to a fresh supply of their fennel & garlic and spicy italian flavors.

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