Fresh This Week: October 22

Fresh Baby Ginger, Honey Jams, Organic Tomato Sauce, Mushroom “Meat” Balls and lots of meat specials

10:22 tomato sauch

Here are some meal suggestions 

CREAMY GARLIC PESTO CHICKEN A quick and easy meal that captures the bright flavors of summer whilst helping us transition to the more hearty and satiating dishes of winter. This stir fry dish can feature whatever vegetables you have available—we hope you will throw in some cherry tomatoes—and can be served over pasta, making it a delicious two pot meal.

VEGETARIAN MUSHROOM MEATBALLS Mushrooms, eggs, a cooked grain, breadcrumbs and lots of herbs are the keys to these “meat” balls. You will need a couple of hours to refrigerate the mushroom mixture before frying or baking them, but beyond that, this is a very straightforward way to get all the satisfaction of spaghetti and meatballs without the meat!

Budget Bundles

HONEY GLAZED COUNTRY STYLE RIBS With fresh ginger and garlic coming in freshly cured, now is the time to make some delicious honey glazed ribs while our country style ribs are being featured. The pork from Snug Valley Farm is pasture raised, and these ribs are a meaty cut from the same portion that gives us Boston butt and shoulder roasts. Country style ribs are a smaller, more manageable cut that deliver the same great flavor and richness. 

Have you tried… 

ORGANIC FRESH BABY GINGER We are so fortunate to have Last Resort Farm growing fresh ginger right here in Vermont! This sweet spice is a classic addition to curries and stir fries; it is an essential health food that is great to add into a vegetable broth, squash soup and smoothies; and it also makes a delicious soothing tea or spiced apple cider. Want to enjoy this seasonal spice year round? Stock up this week and follow these simple steps to freeze for use throughout the year. 

New & Noteworthy


1000 Stone Farm has teamed up with local Butterfly Bakery to bring us a new organic tomato sauce from this year’s san marzano harvest. With simple ingredients straight from the farm and no added sugar or oil, this pantry staple can bring together a quick and healthy pasta dish or pizza any night.

A fresh delivery of honey jams featuring late summer fruit are arriving from V Smiley Preserves. We will have Cornwall plums and Dolgo crabapple honey jams in house!


The Cellars at Jasper Hill is currently undergoing a creamery renovation and expansion. For the time being, some of their products will be out of stock or limited, but with this expansion, they are looking forward to growing in their capacity and efficiency. We hope to have all of their offerings that we carry back in stock in a few weeks.


It is that time of year when the decreasing daylight starts to affect laying hens’ egg production. We are proud to be able to offer free choice, ungraded and GMO free eggs, all from a variety of amazing suppliers. As their availability decreases, we may have to remove some of these eggs from your weekly order so please check back over the weekend to add them back to your order if you wish.

Champlain Orchards has the following freshly harvested apples for us this week: Cortland, Liberty, Jonagold and Macintosh, in addition to Asian Pears, European Pears, freshly pressed apple cider and other bakery and pantry goods. 


We are featuring lots of meat this week, so carve out some freezer space and get ready for winter! Our grassfed beef specials include brisket, chuck roast, London broil, Osso Buco, short ribs and ground meat, and we also have a couple of pasture raised pork specials going for country style ribs and bone in pork chops.

Red’s Best Seafood has skate filets & black sea bass for us this week, in addition to fresh caught whitefish filet.

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