Your Donation Supports the Barre Foodshelf!

Choosing to donate allows Farmers To You to deliver the same farm fresh ingredients that you enjoy every week to the Food Shelf in Barre, VT.

There are two ways to donate

  1. When your order is suspended: you choose the amount of your donation during the suspension process. We charge your account one time on the first Tuesday of your suspension, for the amount you have chosen. You will receive a confirmation email when you set up the donation, and another email when we charge your account.
  2. Add a donation amount to your existing order. Simply select one of the options below. The donation will appear on your next order, but will not be recurring.

Farmers To You uses the donations each week to purchase food in bulk from our regular partner farmers. This food goes to the Barre Food Shelf where community members can come pick up food, or where the food can be cooked and distributed as meals.

Why should I do this?

We offer the option to suspend your order at any time, and for any length of time. While this flexibility is helpful for busy families the weekly fluctuations can be challenging for our farmers and producers, as well as for Farmers To You. We have some weeks with much fewer orders ... but the cows still produce milk, the lettuce still grows, our warehouse crew is still here packing food, and our trucks are still driving the regular routes to Boston and VT sites. When you donate you are helping our overall system to flourish!

About the Barre Foodshelf

The Barre Food Shelf is part of Capstone Community Action located in Barre Vermont.

Capstones' Family & Community Support Services helps people with basic needs, such as food, shelter and housing. The food shelf in Barre serves about 850 families every month. The program tries to focus on fresh foods, giving away hundreds of pounds of produce weekly. They also give out shelf-stable items, frozen meat, bread and dairy.

The Food shelf serves people of all ages and household configurations: working families with children, families receiving TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families), retired seniors, disabled people, people living in subsidized housing, homeless people and those who own their own homes. Most of the people who use the food shelf have incomes around the poverty level.

Capstone, in partnership with the Vermont Foodbank has a program at the Gable Place location called Community Kitchen Academy. It also serves as a training program for entry level food industry jobs. Through this program they also processes raw materials into meals that are distributed through the food shelf. Thus, some food is diverted from the waste steam, serves as training material and also feeds people in need.