Farmers To You

Community Supported Agriculture Delivers Ease and Flexibility to Busy, Health-Conscious Moms


Your family depends on you to provide the most nutrient-rich foods for their healthy, growing bodies. And, there’s no way you will let them down. It’s why you’ve committed to shop at local farmers markets and invest in community supported agriculture that brings the best of a season’s harvest straight from the farm to you.

The challenge with traditional CSAs is that they’re rigid with very little flexibility. You have no option to add more delicious food to your weekly shipment, nor can you skip the occasional week when you are away.


With the Farmers To You CSA, you’ll receive:

  • Fresh produce from a variety of farms
  • The choice of home delivery or pickup at one of our 17 neighborhood pickup sites
  • The option to shop our website each week and add to your CSA share

Because you know that food is more than just fuel for our bodies, you know the decision to support a Farmers To You CSA will nurture your family’s whole being. And for that, they will thank you.

Our Vermont farmers and their families will thank you, too, as your commitment ensures they receive fair compensation for their dedication to eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

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"We depend on wholesome, organic food that Farmers To You bring to us each week. They have changed the way I feed my family and we look forward to the offerings each week." — Gail
"We can't even fathom not having access to this delicious food anymore. Thank you Farmers To You!" — Martina
"We cannot describe to you the enjoyment we received from eating the delicious and nutritious foods you provided us week by week… Thank you so much for creating this partnership!" — Lior & Bei