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Customer Testimonials

Farmers to you has changed the way that I feed our family. My husband, never a fan of chicken, tried the boneless chicken breast last night and he actually said it was very good! Gail
I love ordering from Farmers to You. They offer the best chicken I have ever eaten. Greens are so fresh. Across the board the quality is amazing! I particularly love the fact that the animals are well treated on the farms which supply them including the dairy cows. Bravo! Gaylen
Love what you do for those of us who dwell in the city. The quality is unsurpassed, and the variety is enough to make me swoon. Thank you! Maggie
Tried them this week. Amazing food and selection. Jen
The food from you guys is amazing! Everyone knows that. For us, we are choosing to eat out less so that we can enjoy this fresh, quality food as much as possible. One less dinner out gets our family at least two amazing dinners from Farmers To You. It's so worth it! Laurel
I don't know where I would be without Farmers To You! It is the only place I shop where I never get tired of the options. Walking through the supermarket I can go up and down the aisles and not find anything I feel like buying. There is just something special about the food and the taste and the quality which can't be beat. Maureen
I have been on a serious mission to improve my and my family's health and sourcing safe, organic, high nutrient food is not easy! We are so lucky to have Farmers To You! Holly
Everything has been wonderful and I am thrilled to get my order each week. Laura
I love my Farmers to You membership and adore the food. I am committed to your mission and the health of my body! Deborah
We depend on the wholesome organic food that you and your partners bring to us each week. Your organic foods have changed the way I feed my family and we look forward to the offerings each week. Gail
A couple neighbors recommended FTY to us a couple years ago and it's been great for our family. Definitely worth checking out. Megan
Thank you for nourishing our whole family. I have so looked forward to the Wednesday pick up and treasured every amazing bite of food you farmers have grown. It has been a real honor to be in this partnership and support such beautiful farmers. Ari
My husband Roger and I just finished a fabulous, simple meal all of which came from the Farmers to you program. I just had to write to you and tell you how grateful I am to have this amazing food nourishing us and creating a bridge between us and the farmers. Right now Roger is in the kitchen getting out his favorite coffee ice cream and topping it off with a generous handful of those addictive chocolate chips. There are not enough words to describe how satisfying the meal was! Naomi
I love your food and your service. I'm a chef and you've made my home kitchen better. Deborah
Continuing to love FTY - in fact just this week I was singing your praises to my husband as we packed our lunches. Back in 1976 when I came back from being in Greece I lamented the lack of good, fresh foods atthe market. Then in the '80s when I was a food professional, I did my best to eat seasonally (ahead of my time!), but it was a big challenge. There have been many improvements, but now we are in local-food heaven. Maggie
We have had such a wonderful experience with the produce that you are able to offer us in the Boston area. I grew up on 10 acres of land in the Adirondacks of NY where we had chickens and horses. I love to be able to feel this connection to the land that you all offer, that has supplemented our own 100 sq ft backyard garden so nicely. Erika
We cannot describe to you the enjoyment we received from eating the delicious and nutritious foods you provided us week by week, We had many many wonderful meals together, cherishing every bite of the food.We are positive that this model of bringing fresh farm produce to dinner tables in cities will only grow, and personally, we are inspired by your initiative and ability to change a market that seemed concentrated in the hands of a few supermarkets. Lior
We appreciate that you are willing to address even minor concerns, and also feel that this type of cooperation and interaction is part of what makes the farmers to you partnership special. Philip
We are excited to be bringing a bunch of FTY stuff with us on a lovely weekend away next week with friends where we will be cooking up a storm. It's a pleasure picking out things that I know will be delicious and save me a ton of time shopping. Minna
I get a lot of email. I've recently been on an "unsubscribe" campaign, mostly explaining to the mailers, "I support you but get too much mail...". And then there's yours.Which I always, always read, and always feel lighter, happier, healthier after reading. Farmers to You would be enough if it were just the food. But, as I keep telling people, it's not just the food. :) Jane
I love Farmers To You and we are never going back to regular supermarket shopping if we can avoid it! I've been telling the parents at my daycare. I hope that more families will be joining and enjoy the quality food! Linda
If one of your New Year's resolutions is eating healthier, local food, I would encourage you to check out Farmers To You This group connects VT farmers to Boston area consumers and delivers food once a week year-round, either to your house/office or to a local site. FTY is a great supplement to a CSA share, and a really great alternative to foods you would buy at the grocery store, often from thousands of miles away. Laurel
I did want to tell you that I baked what I think was the BEST apple pie ever with your 'bolted' flour for the butter crust and the heirloom apples that I bought a couple of weeks ago. DELISH!! Sadly it was gone in a heartbeat, but oh so yummy with whipped heavy cream to boot. Thank you all at Farmers to You! Pamela
Please tell the folks who pick and pack and ship Pete's Greens that their mesclun mix is the freshest, tastiest, most delicate green mix I have ever eaten. Since I was away most of last week I did not have a chance to sample my now one week old mesclun mix. When I opened it today to have with my lunch I could not believe how fresh they still were. Just as if they had been picked an hour ago. Bravo. Naomi
LOVE the matzo!! and cheeses, ground turkey and whole chickens, the BEST!! I am so spoiled now, other chicken tastes blah! Susan
Delivery is reasonable and so convenient!! Gwen