Fish Share Traditional - Fluke @$21.50/lb

Fish Share Traditional - Fluke @$21.50/lb

by Red's Best Seafood
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Each Week Red's Best's Fisherman will offer us a two Fresh Catches.  This selection is of a less well known fish species and offers better value than many of the traditionally favorite types.  Eating more of these underutilized fish species also will mean a more sustainable fisheries in the long run.

This fish is extremely fresh and literally right off of their small boats.  All fish are caught using small scale sustainable methods such as hook and line and small gill nets, so that ocean and fish stock damage is minimized   This ensures a sustainable future of quality fish, and for the fisherman and the communities they live in.

Quality is much higher than what is usually available at retail stores for a number of reasons.

  • Fish is handled less and arrives in your kitchen within a few days of harvest.
  • These fisherman return each day with their catch and do not store or hold fish.
  • All fish is wild caught and not frozen or processed in any way other than cutting or packaging for travel.
  • Your fish arrives at Red's Best Monday morning, Farmers To You picks it up Tuesday, and you receive it Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This Weeks Catch


Fluke is the largest and meatiest of our local flounders. They grow as large as 15 pounds and are prized around the world for sushi preparations. Fluke is known on the Cape as a gentleman's fishery, because jumbo sushi fluke bring enough money that you don't have to catch too many to make a day's pay.

Fluke compares favorably to its larger cousin halibut and it can substitute for halibut in most recipes. Most local chefs choose to pan sear fluke quickly in a hot pan.  It browns nicely without the addition of flour or breadcrumbs, and the mild meaty filets are delicious served cooked through or as seviche or crudo.


Variable Weight Item
Size:appx. 1 lb
$21.50 Qty