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Bacon - Vt Salumi Hand Made Slab

Bacon - Vt Salumi Hand Made Slab

by Vermont Salumi
4 out of 5 carrots (5 reviews)

Finally we have hand made bacon from Pete Coleman at Vermont Salumi.  This is cured and smoked at his one facility and packaged just for us.  You have to try this but just fair warning you will be spoiled forever!

This bacon is unsliced so you get to slice it just the way you like it - thin, thick or in cubes.

In Pete's words:  "Pork Belly is one of the noblest of cuts and we approach it with simplicity , 1 week covered in salt, brown sugar, maple syrup, black pepper, a touch of garlic then a light smoke finish.  Nitrates/nitrites or preservatives are never used."  "We leave it in the a slab form to prevent oxidation and giving you the option to cut thin slices, thick slices or cubes allowing you to enjoy your nobility however you desire. "

Pete Coleman of Vermont Salumi is bringing old world Italian craft in sausage and cured meat production to Vermont. He was born in Assisi Italy, and grew up on a Vermont vegetable farm. He is wonderfully passionate about his craft, and has studied in Italy for year to perfect it. He brings sausage to a whole new level!

Size:1 lb
$14.80 item currently unavailable