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Organic Pea Shoots

These Pea Shoots are the tender young shoots of the pea plant. They have a delicate, springtime, sweet pea taste!

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3 oz
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Huntington, VT

These tendrils are harvested within 48 hours of you receiving them.  They are about 4-6 inches long with small round leaves up the length and a curly "tendril" at the top, adding interesting texture and vibrant green.

Certified Organic


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Enjoy these greens as an accent in a salad, on a sandwich, or toss in with a stir fry.


Store in a plstic bag in the refrigerator. They will stay vibrant for 3-4 days in a vegetable drawer in your fridge. If they get limp after that time, just throw them in a stir fry or lightly braise, and enjoy the delicate pea flavor.