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Organic Rosemary

This aromatic herb has a strong pine, lemon, and clove-like scent. The leaves are small, narrow and thick resembling a branch from an evergreen tree.

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Hinesburg, VT

Grown by Julie at Red Wagon Plants, whose masterful growing and culinary skills shine in the outstanding flavor and quality of her herbs.
Rosemary is native to the mediterranean and grows as a woody shrub.

Certified Organic


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Considered a woody aromatic and is best added in the early stages of the meal prep so as to give time for the flavors release into the dish. A pungent herb, rosemary pairs well with roasted or grilled meats, potatoes, and grilled vegetables. It is also an interesting addition to sweet confections like shortbread, or try a sprig in your lemonade.


Store in the refrigerator in a plastic bag to use fresh. Or, rosemary dries beautifully and maintains it's pungent oil content. Allow to dry on the stem out of direct light, once dry, dry needles off stem and store in a glass jar.