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Berlin, VT

By choosing these eggs you are both helping to divert compostables from landfills, and feeding laying hens the kind of healthy food they prefer. The result is much healthier hens and eggs. These hens never get any more than 5% of their nutrition from Organic Grain (non GMO).

Our current suppliers of eggs each week:

Vermont Compost Company and Dog River Farm raise and feed their laying hens on compost and food scraps.  Hens range freely on pasture and food scraps that are being processed into compost.  This is a symbiotic relationship in which the hens help to airate the compost while finding important nutrients for thier diet. These are fertile* eggs.

Black Dirt Farm raises their hens primarily on food scraps from local schools and neighbors, and are fed a small ration (about 5% or less of a normal grain ration) of certified organic grain, certified organic minerals and oyster shells to supplement nutrient needs. They currently have about 300 laying hens and 5 roosters. These are fertile* eggs.

Perfect Circle Farm's hens (and five roosters) are free to roam outside all day, every day, until they head into their coops at dusk. They get to express their chicken nature. They dust bathe, chase each other, nap in the sun (or the shade) escape the fence sometimes and wander, eat bugs and weeds, and scratch in the soil. These birds are not fed grain like the vast majority of chickens. Instead, they forage in their yard and are fed food scraps that are collected locally from grocery stores and restaurants. These are fertile* eggs.

Grow Compost raises their hens (and roosters) on a 100% grain free, free-ranging, and free choice diet. They forage for themselves and also get the first peck at locally-diverted food scraps, which they collect, haul and compost at their facility in Moretown. These are fertile* eggs.

Read more on our different egg categories in this Blog Post by Greg: Eggs Eggs Everywhere!

*These eggs may be fertile because these farms keep roosters in their flock. The girls like the company! There is no taste or proven nutritional difference, and since they are harvested daily there is no chance they will develop.

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Enjoy these eggs any style for breakfast, hard boiled, in a quiche, fritatta, or baked. Fresh, full flavored and nutritious, enjoy!


Store in the refrigerator.