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Boneless Pork Loin Chops

This is the real best cut of chop from the pig and includes the tenderloin. These larger chops come singley wrapped.

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appx. 10-12 oz
Limited Stock
Variable Weight
E. Hardwick, VT

All pork comes to us frozen even though it is fresh due to USDA regulations.  It is usually thawed by the time it gets to you, but roasts may not be so leave enough time to fully thaw before cooking.

This Pork is grown and raised by Ben Nottermann and his family on Snug Valley Farm. Ben and his family have been farming on their East Hardwick farm for over 30 years and while originally in dairy, transitioned to beef and pork production as a way to diversify and become sustainable.

We have been buying Ben’s pork indirectly through Artisan Meats of Vermont who will continue to use the trim, bellies, and hams to make his wonderful sausages and bacon for us. But now we will work directly with Ben to bring you all the wonderful cuts of pork each week.

While visiting the farm what you see is pigs out on pasture – or resting on a deep bedded pack of hay. One thing about pigs is they let you know how they are feeling about their environment, and these are very happy pigs!


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Keep refrigerated or frozen.