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Organic Bunched Golden Beets

True to their name, golden beets have a red skin, a beautiful bright yellow-gold inside and are super sweet and tender.

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Berlin, VT

This variety of beet adds sweet, earthy flavor as well as a stunning visual accent to a meal and they retain their golden color even when cooked.  The lighter coloring won't leave your hands or cutting boards purple as red beets sometimes do.

Your fresh vegetables have been harvested on Monday and Tuesday of each week and in your hands on Wednesday and Thursday.  Only your own vegetable garden can top that!

Certified Organic


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Enjoy the incredible sweetness of the beets roasted, boiled, hot or cold. Delicious boiled, cubed and tossed with olive oil, salt, thinly sliced red onion, vinegar and feta. One way to remove the skin is to boil the beets whole, once cooled, simply rub the skin off or use a pairing knife if it sticks in some places. Alternately, you can use a peeler. Don't forget to steam or braise the greens as they are a wonderful bonus.


A note on oxidation: Gold beets turn brown when they start to oxidize. The skin is a protective layer and once that is removed, or once the beet is sliced, oxidation begins. To minimize this effect, immediately put sliced beets into water, removing their contact with the air, or if eating them raw slice them right before you eat. This effect is purely cosmetic, they will still taste delicious even if they do brown slightly.

Store beets in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.