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Organic Leeks

These are fresh leeks with a sweet aroma and mild onion-like flavor.

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Jericho, VT

This wonderful vegetable has a fresh smell similar to a scallion. The edible portions of the Leek are the white onion base and light green stalk, but the darker green tops tend to be a bit tough.  Leeks are very tolerant of the cold and therefore grow well in our New England climate.  As part of the cultivation process, soil is often hilled up around the leek to keep the base out of the sun and in turn a more tender leek.  This process can push soil down into it's leaves, so be sure to wash carefully.  

Certified Organic

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To prepare, slice leeks and wash thoroughly (Slicing before washing makes it easier to clear out any hiding soil). When leeks are cooked their texture softens, will gel when cooled and so are an excellent addition soup stock. They can also be boiled, roasted in long thin slices, stir fried or eaten raw in salads. They make an excellent potato-leek soup.

For more information on preparations, check out Cornelia's Ways To Cook Leeks


Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.