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Organic Grass Fed Flank Steak

The flavor of this cut is some of the best there is. Flank steak is a bit leaner than Skirt Steak, and both are perfect for home made Fajitas.

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Hoosick, NY

Flank Steak is one of those real treats that you don't see that often primarily because there are usually only two per whole animal.  These are often saved for special customers, or the butcher often takes them home themsleves.   

Dan and Joanne Tilley at Tilldale Farm raise the best 100% grass-fed Organic beef we've found anywhere. Their herd is certified organic Red Devon Cross Cattle. They have chosen their Red Devon Breed carefully from very old stock that has been fed on grass for hundreds of years. As a result of the cattle's diet, and slow natural growth, the animals are extremely healthy, and correspondingly so is the meat.

Beef in general gets better with aging. Tilldale Farm processes the beef at The Royal Butcher in Randolph, Vermont and allow it to dry age for at least a week before delivery to us. Depending on the timing of your delivery we may choose to freeze your beef to stop the aging process, but please be assured all the beef you receive is much fresher than anything at the supermarket. If your beef does come frozen, slowly thaw on a counter top or in the refrigerator. Be careful not to overcook - this meat is best medium rare, and will continue to cook even after taken off the heat, so remove a bit early and allow it to sit for a minute before serving.

Certified Organic


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This is a thin cut that is great marinated overnight then grilled quickly over a hot fire or skillet. Allow it to sit for a few minutes then carve against the grain in thin slices.


Keep refrigerated or frozen.