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Large Organic Sliced Cyrus Pringle Bread

The Cyrus Pringle is a two and a half pound sliced boule that is milder than Red Hen's purely naturally-leavened breads but still has a chewy texture and light wheaty flavor.


VT-grown unbleached wheat flour from Nitty Gritty Grains*, water, Vermont-grown whole wheat flour from Gleason Grains*, salt, yeast.

*Certified Organic

Average rating: 5 out of 5 carrots
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2.5 lb loaf
Middlesex, VT

It is made entirely with VT-grown organic wheat, a miracle that was literally years in the making.

Truly a regional loaf, using only wheat flour grown in VT, this bread is named after Vermont botanist and wheat breeder Cyrus Pringle (1838-1911). 

Randy at Red Hen first experimented with wheat flour from Tom Kenyon of Nitty Gritty Grains in Charlotte,VT.  Freshly milled and mixed with yeast, water and salt, the wheat made a beautiful dough. After a few weeks of experimenting, Randy created a delicious loaf with the addition of some of Ben Gleason's wheat (Ben's farm is in Bridgeport VT).

This bread is sliced at the bakery and put in a plastic bag to preserve it's freshness.  Use as a sandwich bread, or toast for a crisp crusty breakfast or snack.

Certified Organic

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Store in the plastic bag it comes in and enjoy within a 3-4 days. To keep this bread longer freeze to preserve flavor and texture. Pull out frozen slices, toast and enjoy!