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Pizza Night

All the fixins for a Pizza Night!

Serves approx. 3-4 people:

Pizza with Pesto, Queso Fresco and an Egg (or 2 or 3!) cracked on top and baked until over medium- or however your prefered style, and Pea Tendrils.  For more Egg on Pizza instruction check out these suggestions from The Kitchn.

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Calais, VT

These menus are designed for simple, easy cooking that doesn’t require a recipe beyond salt, pepper, olive oil and an oven at 375 or a stovetop on medium-high. 

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Menus change each week - if you keep one in your recurring order, you will automatically have a new set of meals week after week. Each Menu is updated on Friday for the following Wednesday/Thursday delivery.

Looking for meal suggestions from a previous week? You can find them archived on our Blog. The date corresponds to the Friday prior to your delivery.


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