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Sunflower Oil (Non GMO)

Unrefined Sunflower oil is difficult to find at stores, and because it is unrefined, it retains much more of the seeds’ flavor and aroma. The aroma is floral and the flavor is distinctly nutty and sweet just like eating fresh sunflower seeds.

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500 ml
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East Middlebury, VT

This unrefined sunflower oil is a perfect substitute for olive oil and animal fats in cooking and rich in oleic, monounsaturated fatty acids, and Omega-3, 6, and 9 and is a great source of vitamin E as well. Sunflower oil is ideal for dressings, marinades, and excellent for medium to high heat cooking.  

While the seeds used to make this oil are not organic, the only spraying was done to prep the fields before planting and no spray was applied to the crop itself.

Seed grown at Coach Farm in Pine Plains New York.

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Use as you would a vegetable oil, in cooking, dressings, or marinades.  


Best to keep these oils in a cool and dark place. Refrigeration will casue the oil to become cloudy and possibly separate.