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Green Mountain Tulsi Tea

This Green Mountain Tulsi Tea is a Green Tea blend with Tulsi, Lemon Balm and Green Tea. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is an herb native to India. It brings light flavors of mint, clove and licorice, and the lemon balm adds a bright, sweet flavor.


Tulsi, Lemon Balm and Green Tea

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4 oz
Hyde Park, VT

This is a Green Tea and therefore contains Caffeine.

Grown and processed by Zack Woods Herb Farm in Hyde Park, VT where Jeff and Melanie Carpenter grow and sell high quality, certified organic fresh, dried and live plant botanicals, as well as herbal tea blends.  

This 4 ounce bag of loose tea will make about 60-70 cups of tea, depending on how strong you make it.

Certified Organic

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To prepare:

--Use about 1 teaspoon per 8 oz cup of tea.

--Pour hot, but not quite boiling water over tea, let steep for 2-3 minutes.

--Strain with a French press, or wire mesh strainer and enjoy!

--This tea can be reused/steeped 2-3 times before losing it's flavor.