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Organic Sprouternickel Loaf

Sprouternickel is Pumpernickel’s cousin, gussied up for the prom.


Whole rye flour*, water, sunflower seeds*, sprouted rye berries*, sprouted spelt berries*, salt.

*Certified organic

Average rating: 5 out of 5 carrots
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1 lb loaf
Limited Stock
Wednesdays Only
Middlesex, VT

It begins with Certified Organic whole rye flour and features sprouted organic spelt and rye berries, organic sunflower seeds. This is a nutty, flavorful, heavy duty, no-kidding-around-serious-business bread, full of flavor and texture.

Delicious as a breakfast loaf, it is also wonderful for re-energizing while hiking, skiing or after playing hockey.  Or, slice it thin and enjoy with a fine cheese.

Certified Organic

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This bread comes wrapped in a plastic bag and at room temperature will lasts well over a week. We would recommend you keep it in the bag in a refrigerator after opening for best results.