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Organic Tortillas

Authentic nixtamalized local and organic corn tortillas.  


Certified organic corn, lime, water

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Waitsfield, VT

These Fresh Corn Tortillas are made with nixtamalized corn - a traditional process in which the whole kernel corn is cooked in water with slaked limestone.  The steeped corn kernels are stone ground into masa which is then shaped and cooked over fire to make a delicious and nutritious tortilla.

These are traditionally made organic corn tortillas and are more hearty than a wheat tortilla or most corn tortillas you'll find in the grocery store.  When heated, they soften into a delicious taco base, quesadilla or side for a meal.  

Made in the Mad River Valley of Vermont with an heirloom variety called Wapsie Valley (a yellow dent corn with a beautiful red flare at the base).  Sourced from two family farms: Mary-Howell and Klass Martins at Lakeview Organic Grain in Pen Yann, NY and the Kenyons at Nitty Gritty Grain Co. in Charlotte, VT.

Naturally gluten-free.

Certified organic

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To Warm Tortillas - Use medium hot skillet, heat both sides for 10-15 seconds, stack and cover to keep warm and prevent drying out. Also excellent when heated in a lightly greased skillet with butter or oil and melted cheese on top! Here is a video showing Joe and Sam's go to method.


These tortillas are best enjoyed fresh, or eaten within 10 days. Keep refrigerated, resealed in their plastic bag. They can also be put in the freezer for later, in a sealed plastic bag.

Store in the refrigerator.