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Organic Winter Savory

Winter Savory is a versitile herb with a light flavor similar to oregano, thyme and marjoram. Grown by Julie at Red Wagon Plants, whose masterful growing and culinary skills shine in the outstanding flavor and quality of her herbs.

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Hinesburg, VT

Winter savory works well is stuffings, soups and sauces as well as bean dishes and lighter meats like chicken, turkey or fish. A relative to summer savory, winter savory has a light mint and pepper flavor that works well with other aromatics like basil, thyme and marjoram.  

Certified Organic 


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These fresh herbs are a natural flavor pairing with meat sauces, fresh and cooked tomato dishes, small amounts in bean dishes, with potatoes, in salad dressing or infused in vinegar. Pluck the small leaves off of the stem to incorporate into a fresh dish, or if using in a sauce or vinegar add entire stem and remove before serving.


Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.