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Organic Dandelion Greens

These delectable and delicate greens are known as the most vitamin rich food available in early summer. Just ask an older cow who you will always spy searching out dandelion greens to replace all those missing nutrients lost during our long winters.

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Fairfax, VT

Dandelion greens are one of the first greens to appear in the spring, and are a welcome sight at the table.  Harvested as young leaves before the plant sets to flower catch these greens before they take on a strong bitter flavor.  Our cooler climate here in Vermont allows us to grow delectable dandelions through early summer and still reap tender greens.

Certified Organic


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Enjoy these greens chopped in to your salad mix, or lightly sauteed for a more mild flavor. Add a splash of vinegar and a sprinkle of salt, enjoy!


Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.