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Organic Red, Gold and Blue Potatoes

Try this beautiful mix of colorful potatoes, including purple, gold and red heirloom varieties.

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2 lbs
W Johnson, VT

The Purple pototoes have a vivid deep violet ink-colored smooth skin and a rich flavor to match their beautiful appearance.  These potatoes are native to South America and are a staple part of their diet.  Their colorful flesh is creamy and nutty, although not as vibrant a purple when cooked.

Gold potatoes are a creamy yellow, they are sweet and their thins skins make it so you do not need to peel them.

Red Potatoes have a satin purple-pink skin and yellow flesh with an interior ring of pink when cut across.

Certified Organic


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This potato medley is wonderful roasted with olive oil and sea salt or added to any stew or soup.


Store in a cool, dark place.