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Mexican Chorizo

This is a loose ground Mexican style Chorizo. A fresh sausage made with a simple mix of flavorful  spices. A great way to add depth to your favorite Mexican dish or simply enjoy with eggs and tortillas for breakfast


Salt, chili powder, oregano, cumin, black pepper, brown sugar, smoked paprika, garlic powder

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12 oz
Greensboro, VT

The Cellars at Jasper Hill, one of our very fine cheese makers, have collaborated with Pete’s Greens, one of our major veggie suppliers, to create a new venture: VT 99 Meats. Both farms have waste products that these pigs consider to be downright gourmet! Cheese, Whey, veggie scraps and lots of pasture.

Tamworth, spotted gloucester and berkshire hogs are cross bred for heartiness and meat quality on their farm in Craftsbury, Vermont. Seasonally, they are put to pasture in spent vegetable fields to root out weeds while tilling and fertilizing the soil. They also drink protein rich whey, leftover from the cheesemaking process, along with gleaned organic vegetables and artisan cheese bits. Their meat is well structured with nice marbling - succulent and flavorful when cooked.
Because farming pigs is complimentary to their other agricultural pursuits, they are able to keep the scale of operation in balance with natural systems and a focus on quality. This endeavor utilizes what would be compost, and turns it into delicious pork!


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For best results, cook slowly over low or indirect heat- grilled, pan fried or in the oven.


This product ships frozen and should arrive cool the touch. Store in the refrigerator on arrival and use within two weeks of receipt. For best results, cook slowly over low or indirect heat.