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Dry Cured Salami

Dry curing meats is a craft that dates back many centuries, and Jacob of Artisan Meats of Vermont has mastered this delicate and difficult task. He makes these sausages for Ben at Snug Valley farm from their wonderful pasture raised pork that we have all come to love and trust so much.


Snug Valley Farm Pork, Salt, White Wine, Sugar, Black Pepper, Natural Casings, Lactic Acid Culture, Mold Culture, Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate required as a preservative

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appx. 4.5 oz
E. Hardwick, VT

These start out as regular looking sausages to which culture is added and they are allowed to ferment, dry and cure for a minimum of 30 days.  

These dry sausages are perfect for a fine dinner antipasto or snacks for lunches and picnics.  An excellent accompaniment for any cheese plate.


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For the fullest flavor, allow to come to room temperature and enjoy!


Store like fine cheese in wax paper in the fridge. White mold on the casing is part of the culture like cheese, and can be peeled off before eating.