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Organic Oma Cheese

Unpasteurized Cow Milk

This is a washed rind unpasteurized cow milk cheese with a silky texture that is soft and supple, but not runny. The taste is tangy and buttery, and the unpasteurized milk makes for a wonderful complexity of flavor.


Unpasteurized cow's milk, starter culture, animal rennet and salt

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appx. 1/2 lb
Greensboro, VT

Sebastian Von Trapp named the cheese Oma (which in German means grandmother) after their grandmother Erika Von Trapp, who started the family farm 50 years ago. The farm has a herd of grass-fed, mixed-breed cows (the majority are Jersey), and is located in the small town of Waitsfield VT.

Before starting Von Trapp Farmstead, Sebastian learned his craft by training with a number of artisan cheese makers in England, as well as brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Creamery. In fact, the brothers have formed a partnership around this particular cheese which is aged at Jasper Hill Cheese Cave.

Made with Organic Raw Cows Milk

Certified Organic

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Serve at room temperature. Oma’s full flavor is well paired with a craft beer or ripe fruit.


Store in the refrigerator.