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Natural Ungraded Eggs

These fresh eggs have dark golden yolks that stand up high, and whites that stay together when poached or fried. Outstanding flavor and a wonderful addition to baked goods.

Our Current Suppliers:

Rockville Market Farm

Tangletown Farm

Average rating: 5 out of 5 carrots
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West Glover, VT

These eggs are laid by hens who spend their days digging and scratching out of doors for a good part of their sustenance. They are fed a mix of conventional grain, food scraps, bugs and barnyard bedding.

These eggs are not organic, however, the hens receive no synthetic supplements or medicated feed, and forage outside all year long.

Our current suppliers of eggs each week:

Eric and Keenann Rozendaal of Rockville Market Farm "Eric's Eggs" have been farming organically in Starksboro for over a decade, and have a real eye for quality. They run a diversified organic farm featuring eggs, vegetables and pork on just over 50 acres.  Thier hens range outside during the warmer months and spend winters fertilizing the greenhouses.

Tangletown Farm is located in West Glover.  A small family farm that raises chickens for roasting and eggs, beef cows, pigs and turkeys.  Their chickens are fed grain, food scraps, oyster shells and range for their own snacks when the season is appropriate.  

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Enjoy these eggs any style for breakfast, hard boiled, in a quiche, fritatta, or baked. Fresh, full flavored and nutritious, enjoy!


Store in the refrigerator. These eggs are extremely fresh and once eggs have been refrigerated they have to be kept cool.

They will last 2 weeks or more if kept cool.