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Cultured Maple Butter

This delectable butter is made from sweet cream and is cultured for 48 hours creating a delicious, creamy, and slightly tangy flavor, accented by a splash of maple syrup and large flake sea salt. The flavor of the maple is subtle in this sweet, decadent variation of Ploughgate's cultured butter. 


pasteurized cream, maple syrup, sea salt, cultures

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1/2 lb
Waitsfield, VT

Ploughgate Creamery, is producing cultured butter in small batches for us. They currently use purchased cream from the local St. Albans Coop, and are awaiting the arrival of twelve Jerseys so they can produce their own milk and cream for butter and cheese.

This is the butter to use on that special baked item or in cooking that special recipe. You will immediately notice the wonderful smell and texture as it melts or when you are cutting it into that pie crust or sweet dough.

Ploughgate Creamery at Bragg Farm in Fayston, VT is owned and operated by Marisa Mauro. Her love affair with the dairy industry started at age fourteen on a sheep dairy in Weston, VT, where she began her cheesemaking education. Over the next decade Marisa worked on numerous dairies throughout Vermont and California. In 2008 she opened Ploughgate Creamery in South Albany, VT. Working in partnership with the Cellars at Jasper Hill, she marketed and distributed her artisanal cheeses. During this time she created two award winning cheeses; Hartwell (cow milk bloomy rind) and Willoughby (cow milk wash rind). Mauro took over the Bragg Farm in December of 2013 with plans to resurrect the 50 acre hilltop dairy farm focusing of butter and fresh cheese production. Recently a dairy processing facility was built and renovations of a historic barn are underway to house cows for milking.


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Store in the refrigerator, or for immediate use, leave on the counter so that it spreads easily.