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Paisley Blue Cheese

Unpasteurized Cow and Sheep Milk

Paisley is a full flavored Blue Cheese made with unpasteurized blend of cows and sheep milk from their own seasonal herd.


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appx. 1/2 lb
Craftsbury Common, VT

It's flavor is tangy and wonderfully sharp.  If you love blue cheese and prefer a dryer and more crumbly texture you will love this cheese.

There is something very unique and wonderful in the flavor and texture of this cheese.   Perhaps it is the same earthy calmness that you can see in the sheeps eyes as they look at you while grazing.

Neil Urie and his family certainly are masterful at this difficult craft and we are so lucky to have them among our partner farmers.  They milk from May to October and as has been the tradition for millenia - they preserve the milk in these very flavorful cheese to be consumed over the winter months. You can really smell the grass and soil and sheep in this cheese.

Made with Raw Milk


No customer reviews.


Enjoy this cheese on it's own, with crackers, or on your favorite sandwich, burger, or salad. For the fullest flavor, serve at room temperature.


Store in the refrigerator.