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Bean Chili

chili.bowl.800x400 Bean Chili Print Use medium size slow cooker. If cooking beans from scratch this recipe takes planning ahead as the beans need to be pre-cooked before starting the chili Ingredients

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Amazingly Moist Cornbread

Amazingly Moist Cornbread Print Serves: 9 So often cornbread is too dry. This one is very moist and delicious. Enjoy with your main meal or for breakfast or dessert. If you made the Spring Greens with Ramps, Potatoes and Bacon you can use your remaining bacon fat in this recipe. Ingredients

  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Butter/oil and flour an 8 or 9 inch square baking pan.

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Maple Glazed Nuts

maple.glazed.walnutsSo this recipe does not technically qualify as a side dish (maybe for some people!), but these tasty nuts can show up just about anywhere. Here are a bunch of possibilities: in your hand for a snack, tossed in a salad, chopped and sprinkled on top of roasted or steamed vegetables, as a garnish for soup, on top of a scoop of ice cream for a quick sundae, on a cheese plate with some fine cheese and apple slices, sprinkled on an apple crisp, chopped with garlic and olive oil and tossed with pasta for a quick weeknight meal,  stirred into a banana bread batter, layered in a breakfast parfait with yogurt, granola and fresh or dried fruit, on a holiday dessert platter with cookies and chocolate, etc…

These nuts transform something simple into something a bit more special.

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Mashed Potatoes Two Ways


Mashed potatoes seem essential to the Thanksgving plate. Other foods may come and go, but those potatoes are somehow a blank canvas for all the other delectable flavors and textures.  Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes perfect mashed potatoes – as they should.  So to say that there’s a “perfect” recipe would be a fallacy.  Rather, make them according to your own tastes considering these three things:  type of potato, richness and consistency.  

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Using The Whole Chicken


Roast chicken is the ultimate.  Poached chicken is equally as delightful for several reasons.  I love the delicate texture of the meat.  You are left with a large pot of good chicken stock which can serve as a base for a soup or a stew.  Poaching a chicken is great year round and any seasonal veg may be added right to the pot with the chicken as it nears the end of cooking time.  And because the chicken is shredded, you have the luxury of leftover chicken for an additional meal or two depending on how many you are cooking for.  

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