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Spelt Tabbouleh Salad

IMG_0076 This tabbouleh salad would be great paired with anything grilled, perfect for a potluck or good on its own for lunch.  Spelt is a high protein, high fiber grain with a delicately sweet & nutty flavor and deliciously chewy texture. FYI, spelt is not a gluten-free grain, in fact spelt is a kind of wheat.  The cooking times for spelt vary depending on whether you choose to soak the grains first or cook them the standard way (without soaking). Pre-soaking will most likely reduce your total cooking time.  
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Cooking With Substitutions


I used to feel married to recipes.  If I didn’t have the exact ingredients listed I felt as thought I couldn’t proceed.  Even though I watched my parents improvise in the kitchen, somehow I remained a “rule-follower.” Thankfully this has shifted.  There’s a kind of freedom that comes with straying from a recipe.  Not only do I feel comfortable making substitutions but also omitting ingredients altogether.  I still love a well written recipe and often use them as a springboard – but I don’t feel confined by them anymore.

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