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Maple Soda

sipping maple soda july 4th


Enjoy warm weather days, may you all enjoy your families, friends and freedom.  Cheers to you with a maple soda.  All you need is a glass with ice, a tablespoon or two of Square Deal Farm Maple Syrup and some fizzy water.  Adjust the sweetness to your liking and sip away.



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Cranberry Sangria

cranberry.sangriaThis recipe was inspired by a non-alchoholic sangria I spied on a fantastic blog I often frequent – the Kitchn. I made a few subtle changes and swapped out the pomegranate juice for cranberry juice and traded an herbal tea for the black tea that’s called for.  This drink is fun & festive for a gathering and suitable for both kids and adults.

I tasted the brew after it marinated overnight and found it to be pleasingly tart.  However, some people may prefer a sweeter drink.  

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egg nog

I fondly remember my grandmother making homemade eggnog.  She used raw eggs, milk, cream and freshly grated nutmeg. I was ga ga for the stuff.  Because I’d had the real deal as a kid, anytime I purchased a carton of the store bought stuff I was sorely disappointed. I imagine if I had grown up drinking the carton kind I would have loved that too – but to me it wasn’t grandma’s eggnog.  I was delighted to discover that Strafford’s Eggnog tastes practically identical to Grandma Marion’s!

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