This Week’s Bounty: Colorful Spuds, Organic Flour, Smooth Maple and Coconut Ice Cream

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Snacks from our pantry are still 10% off:

  • Matzoh– from Patchwork Bakery- an excellent spelt cracker with a mix of seeds and a perfect crunch
  • Hummus– from Screamin Ridge Farm- enjoy with Carrot sticks, Matzoh or on a sandwich
  • Cheese Curds– from Sweet Rowen Farmstead- addictive as a quick snack, or try them pan fried for breakfast with eggs and toast
  • Dried Fruit, Nuts and Seeds– from Tierra Farm- intentionally sourced, these fruits and nuts round out a pantry.  
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Weekly Menus March 3

salad spinach and beet 800x400 Looking for dinner ideas? Below you will find meal suggestions from our Weekly Menus. The Menus vary week to week and are updated by Friday morning of each week for the upcoming delivery week. You can either order one of the weekly menus, or mix and match by ordering the ingredients individually.

These menus are designed for simple, easy cooking that doesn’t require a recipe beyond salt, pepper, olive oil and an oven at 375 or a stovetop on medium-high.

*Items not included are underlined and in bold.

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Eggs Eggs Everywhere!

Ever wonder how the concept of Easter Eggs came about? Seems almost as random as the fact that they get laid by bunnies! Really.

Do the words abundance and fertility and Spring give you a hint?

As many of our families know, during the darker winter months – December and January – we run short on eggs. That is simply because the hens don’t lay as many when it is not sunny. The same impulse as causes slowed growth in plants. So now when the sun begins to shine closer to 12 hours a day – our hens really start to produce.  

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Where Good Food Comes From

A Poem by Susan Reid, 2017

I have felt the warm breath of cows, carried the weight of hay and water, Smelled the sweetness of grain and manure.

I have known the oily kinked wool of sheep beneath my hands. and have held eggs, still-warm, stuck with bits of feather and guano.

I have watched lambs, kids and calves come bloody and hard into the world, watched them wobble and suck.

I have raised chicks from bits of fluff fed and watered them, taken their lives and feathers away and, with knife and ice water, prepared them for the freezer.

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This Week’s Bounty: Tilldale Beef, Snacks for your Pantry and Fresh Shoots

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To help you stock up your pantry, we’re taking 10% off some snackable staples:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

As we near March, we are experiencing some early spring weather- warming winds and lengthening days are heralded with bird song.  Our feathered friends announce the arrival of spring as the lengthening of days triggers their internal clock to find a mate through song.  

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