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This Week’s Bounty: Sweet Potatoes, Rutabaga, Broccoli, Peeled and Cubed Butternut Squash, Mizuna and Pinto Beans

The following time-saving dinner fixings are 10% off:

Fresh Pastas and Sauces – Valicenti Organico – each week we offer 5 different pasta flavors, including an excellent Gluten Free Pasta!

Farmers Cheese – Sweet Rowen Farmstead – mix into pasta for a creamy dish, or enjoy on bread

Kale – Lacinato, Green and Toddler Red Russian – enjoy these sweet greens lightly sauteed or macerated with oil, salt and lemon or vinegar as a raw salad.

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

There is still time to make Caramel Apples with the help from Fat Toad Farm.

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This Week’s Bounty: Cranberries, Caramel Apple Kits, Cauliflower, Winter Squash and Pork

Photo courtesy of Fat Toad Farm

We’re featuring the following at 10% off this week. Perfect for a quick, flavorful snack or supper!

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

Fresh caught Fish is back this week from Red’s Best Seafood.

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This Week’s Bounty: Maine Grains, Gold Beets, Celeriac, Napa Cabbage, Tomatillos and Beef

We’re featuring the following ingredients that pair nicely with a Delicata dish at 10% off:

Fresh from our Farmers and Producers

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this next round of oats and grains from Maine Grains. It arrived! And we are fully stocked with Rolled and Cracked Oats, Rye and Buckwheat Flours as well as their delicious Ancient Grains cereal blend.

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This Week’s Bounty: Cortland Apples, Bolted Flour, Apple Pie, Red Fish and more

This week we are featuring Champlain Orchards’ own Apple Pie, as well as all the essentials you will need to make one at home. Cortland Apples are one of the best cooking apples for pies as well as delicious to eat out of hand; a real old Vermont favorite! We are also featuring Rogers Farmstead’s Bolted Wheat Flour that makes the best pie crust you have ever tasted! Check out our Just In section to see all the other items on special and featured this week.  The bounty of fall is upon us!

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This Week’s Bounty: Asian Pears, Salad Turnips, Potatoes, Ground Turkey and Sheep Cheese

Our Monthly Stock Up for September features the following foods at 10% off. Stock up on these snacks that pack well for lunches, for school or for work!

  • Small Maple and Lemon Berry Yogurts– single serving for breakfast, lunch or after school
  • Cheese Curds– so snackable and squeaky as a snack of their own or melted with eggs
  • Hummus– enjoy with carrot, cucumber and celery sticks
  • Popcorn– dress with some butter and salt for a quick protein snack
  • Eggrolls– already made- simply heat and serve, or pack as a leftover
  • Magic Chunks– convenient snack sized packages of magically delicious chocolate and granola
  • Smoked Cooked Hams from Vermont Salumi are $9.35/lb (normally $10.40/lb).
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