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Blessing of the Solstice

Winter at Bean Farm800x400

Winter at Bean Farm800x400

The Solstice is a time of deep contemplation, intention and responsibility for setting the course of the coming new yearly cycle. It is a period of deep stillness in the natural world – birds stop singing, plants stop growing, our own bodies turn inwards more to introspection than physical activity.

The Solstice and the days that extend to January 7th are considered the most powerful days of stillness and receptivity in the year. An opening to our influence and wishes.

I wish to share a picture that was given to me in pieces over many years that I am now just beginning to see more fully and I will try my best to honor it.

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Don’t Skip the Farmers Market, Skip the Supermarket!

Many of you have shared questions about combining and rationalizing your love of the farmers market with ordering from Farmers To You. So, we’d like to clarify something very important: Farmers To You does not want to replace your trip to the farmers market! We are here to supplement what you buy at the market or local CSA – never to replace them.

We like to think about starting as locally as possible and expanding out from there. Maybe you’ll try growing food in your backyard (or porch or window box) this summer.

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This Week’s Bounty: Rhubarb, Ground Beef, and get to know your farmers


This week I had the pleasure of meeting with many families in the Boston area to give two talks on Family, Food and Farms.  I cannot fully articulate how inspiring this work is and how much we have to shift so families can source healthy and trustworthy food.  I was especially struck by the terrible confusion about all the messages and labels on foods, and how many of you expressed real anger at how much we have been lied to over the years. I am realizing that it has created paralysis in our communities, and kept the status quo industrial food system as our default.

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Radical Transparency – One Year Later

From time to time, we have shared news and numbers with you to keep you abreast of our progress, and lately we have been considering a more radical level of transparency.

We are in the process of updating our website that you use each week, and considering what information to post there to give you the most accurate picture of our progress in building a healthy alternative food system.

Building and designing a new food system can be pretty daunting work sometimes, especially getting all the puzzle pieces to fit together.

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Our Food Community: Recent Potlucks

A few weeks ago, as we started Gift To Give, partner families enjoyed two potluck gatherings — and the celebration of community that forms around food.

In Cambridge, site hosts Brian and Rosi Amador opened their charming back yard to us, and generously shared their home and their beautiful music (

In Beverly, the Cove Community Center was abuzz with children’s laughter and excitement for the impending super moon eclipse. Many brought all-Farmers-to-You-ingredient dishes, some even listing the partner producers behind the ingredients!

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