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Imagine if you lived in a vibrant community where all you needed each day was provided by friends and people you knew and respected.

Imagine if each of those experiences was one where your relationship – to the farmer, the delivery person, the shopkeeper, the baker, the banker – was more important to you than the transaction.

Imagine if those relationships were based on mutual respect for craftsmanship and rooted in genuine care and appreciation.

Imagine if these makers and servers success and sustainability were completely aligned with your satisfaction and delight.

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At The Crossroads


As a valued Farmers To You partner, please take a moment to read this important letter.

I’m writing on behalf of the 83 small-scale farmers who have devoted their lives to growing healthy, delicious food that sustains your family, the local economy, and the planet.

I’m writing for the passionate Farmers To You team, people who are committed beyond description to running our operation. Imagine, we have never missed a delivery in 6 years – 134,152 orders to date. Incredible!

I am also writing on behalf of many of you, the families we feed weekly who have supported us since the beginning.

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Where Good Food Comes From

A Poem by Susan Reid, 2017

I have felt the warm breath of cows, carried the weight of hay and water, Smelled the sweetness of grain and manure.

I have known the oily kinked wool of sheep beneath my hands. and have held eggs, still-warm, stuck with bits of feather and guano.

I have watched lambs, kids and calves come bloody and hard into the world, watched them wobble and suck.

I have raised chicks from bits of fluff fed and watered them, taken their lives and feathers away and, with knife and ice water, prepared them for the freezer.

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Time To Become an Activist!

This past weekend something very beautiful and inspiring happened. Many of you stood up, took action, spoke out, and marched to express what you wanted to see in particular for women’s rights, dignity and honor. This is how the change you want is made manifest. It is time for us to become activists in all parts of our lives.

Our governments, our schools, our health care, our food system, our arts and entertainment, and our media are controlled and directed by interests that do not share our values and priorities; and our families, our children and the planet are suffering daily as a result.

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Blessing of the Solstice

Winter at Bean Farm800x400

The Solstice is a time of deep contemplation, intention and responsibility for setting the course of the coming new yearly cycle. It is a period of deep stillness in the natural world – birds stop singing, plants stop growing, our own bodies turn inwards more to introspection than physical activity.

The Solstice and the days that extend to January 7th are considered the most powerful days of stillness and receptivity in the year. An opening to our influence and wishes.

I wish to share a picture that was given to me in pieces over many years that I am now just beginning to see more fully and I will try my best to honor it.

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