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A Community of Families & Farmers Comes Together

Last weekend something magical happened here in Vermont.

A community of families and farmers came together to acknowledge what they had all created over the past seven years.

They came together over a beautiful dinner, lively music and rich conversation to get to know each other better. And we certainly did!

To all of you who made it to our First Annual Equinox Celebration – I know I do not need to say anything. And to all of you who considered it – we missed you. And to everyone – put it on your calendar for next year and be prepared to be embraced by the amazing community we have all created together.

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Equinox Celebration 2017 – September 22-24th

Finally – Come and meet your farmers in person and celebrate what we have all done together!  Break bread, hear stories, visit your farms, celebrate the change of seasons.

After seven years we have built our own regional food system – and farmers, families and Farmers To You Staff all deserve praise and gratitude for the commitment, work, and creativity it took.  Come celebrate with us here in Vermont.  The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and invigorating, we’re cooking up some amazing food (of course!), planning some spectacular farm visits, and so looking forward to seeing your family here where it all begins.

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Imagine if you lived in a vibrant community where all you needed each day was provided by friends and people you knew and respected.

Imagine if each of those experiences was one where your relationship – to the farmer, the delivery person, the shopkeeper, the baker, the banker – was more important to you than the transaction.

Imagine if those relationships were based on mutual respect for craftsmanship and rooted in genuine care and appreciation.

Imagine if these makers and servers success and sustainability were completely aligned with your satisfaction and delight.

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At The Crossroads


As a valued Farmers To You partner, please take a moment to read this important letter.

I’m writing on behalf of the 83 small-scale farmers who have devoted their lives to growing healthy, delicious food that sustains your family, the local economy, and the planet.

I’m writing for the passionate Farmers To You team, people who are committed beyond description to running our operation. Imagine, we have never missed a delivery in 6 years – 134,152 orders to date. Incredible!

I am also writing on behalf of many of you, the families we feed weekly who have supported us since the beginning.

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Where Good Food Comes From

A Poem by Susan Reid, 2017

I have felt the warm breath of cows, carried the weight of hay and water, Smelled the sweetness of grain and manure.

I have known the oily kinked wool of sheep beneath my hands. and have held eggs, still-warm, stuck with bits of feather and guano.

I have watched lambs, kids and calves come bloody and hard into the world, watched them wobble and suck.

I have raised chicks from bits of fluff fed and watered them, taken their lives and feathers away and, with knife and ice water, prepared them for the freezer.

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