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Information about Partner Farmers-Suppliers

Royal Butchers and the Story of our Beef

Devon Cattle at Tilldale Farm

This coming weekend is Father’s Day, and while grilling has long been the domain of the man of the house, that is changing for many families. Cooking and meal preparation has become a full family affair. The real reason I’m writing this post is to tell you about our amazing beef farmers and the significant improvement we’ve made in our processing. It’s a fascinating story filled with dedication and craftsmanship.

Raising healthy, productive beef cattle is a long, slow, and subtly complex endeavor.

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Don’t Skip the Farmers Market, Skip the Supermarket!

Many of you have shared questions about combining and rationalizing your love of the farmers market with ordering from Farmers To You. So, we’d like to clarify something very important: Farmers To You does not want to replace your trip to the farmers market! We are here to supplement what you buy at the market or local CSA – never to replace them.

We like to think about starting as locally as possible and expanding out from there. Maybe you’ll try growing food in your backyard (or porch or window box) this summer.

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This Week’s Bounty: Rhubarb, Ground Beef, and get to know your farmers


This week I had the pleasure of meeting with many families in the Boston area to give two talks on Family, Food and Farms.  I cannot fully articulate how inspiring this work is and how much we have to shift so families can source healthy and trustworthy food.  I was especially struck by the terrible confusion about all the messages and labels on foods, and how many of you expressed real anger at how much we have been lied to over the years. I am realizing that it has created paralysis in our communities, and kept the status quo industrial food system as our default.

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Planting stories


It’s garlic-planting time …

In October, you take a single clove, sink it in 2” of earth, and plant the next one 5” away.

Before the snow flies, you cover the soil with leaves or straw – and ask the garlic gods to watch over it all – until green shoots emerge in April.

In June, those cosmic scapes curl earthward, then skyward. You pull out fully formed heads in July, when the outer “leaves” start to brown.

The new heads are delicate – can’t be banged against each other, or anything else – lest they bruise and won’t store well. 

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A Summer Reading List

banner.summer reading 3

We are deep in the process of updating some of the information and functionality of our website and one of the pieces we are working on is a resource list. I was reviewing our list of books articles and films that have supported and triggered our personal journeys to a more satisfying and complete relationship with family, our food and the Earth and the thought occurred to me that many of these would be great summer reading. So here is a small selection for you to consider.

Please also share any books or articles that have made an impact on you and your family so we can add them to the list.

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