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Eva Cahill loves making connections between food, family, farming, and everything else. As we discover and delight in the wonder of it all, we better remember where we come from, what’s most important in our lives… and how it’s all connected.

Planting stories


It’s garlic-planting time …

In October, you take a single clove, sink it in 2” of earth, and plant the next one 5” away.

Before the snow flies, you cover the soil with leaves or straw – and ask the garlic gods to watch over it all – until green shoots emerge in April.

In June, those cosmic scapes curl earthward, then skyward. You pull out fully formed heads in July, when the outer “leaves” start to brown.

The new heads are delicate – can’t be banged against each other, or anything else – lest they bruise and won’t store well. 

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knowledge + freedom


Farmers To You was created to directly connect you to people who produce amazing food.

We also commit to supporting you and your family to access knowledge and skills that may have been forgotten, as the world changed.

 How do I deal with my child’s limited palate?

What kind of foods will help my daughter to settle herself?

How do I balance everything?

 We receive all sorts of questions! And do our best to address them in a timely manner, or direct you to someone who can. We also love learning from you; the dialog is so rich.

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Last night’s sunset from the Farmers To You Hub

You might say we’ve lost our minds, trying to do something that’s never been done before – imagining a new food system into existence.

We have lost our minds, and it feels great. We’re taking risks, delving into new ways of thinking (and doing) on our little corner of the planet.

Five years ago, a small group of us made this up, and with your partnership, we’ve been tweaking the recipe ever since.

We asked ourselves …Should it be a weekly cycle? 

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Sunset Moon


Have you had a chance to notice the growing moon?

Usually at this time of year, we witness a golden “harvest” full moon.

But in two days, the full moon will be completely shadowed by the Earth ~ a total lunar eclipse.*

After sunset on Sunday, the sun’s rays will warm the other half of our planet, which will indirectly light our shadowed neighbor, creating a “sunset” colored full moon.

Light bending and mind bending.

As we bear witness to this event (with crimson shining back on us), the tide will be rising in Boston Harbor.

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By Heart

Did you memorize a poem as a child?

Do you still remember it?

Is it a part of you?

When we learn something by heart, we take the world inside our very being.

When we savor exceptional food, we also take in the world – heart first – resulting in “oohs”, and “aahs” and “oh my gods” ….

With this glorious Farmers To You food, we instinctively rejoice with a deep remembering.  Not much intellectualizing going on, even in Boston!

Our bodies effortlessly resonate with what is true and beautiful.

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